Help Us Keep Our Promises – Ask 10 people for $10.

April 22, 2010

Your local Walk Coordinator (WC) has been devoting most of their spare time to planning a Promise Walk, for weeks and months.  S/He has been attending conference calls, filling out paperwork, placing orders, ordering permits, calling for sponsorships and donations, registering friends and family, and a multitude of other tasks.

What is left to do in the few short days and weeks until your Promise Walk for Preeclampsia?  Plenty!  And your WC cannot do it by themselves.  Here are a few ways you can help:

1.  COLLECT PLEDGES! Whether you’re using your online team or individual web page to invite people to register or donate, or rolling old school with the paper form (click here to download one), collecting pledges is one of the most important aspects of a fund raising and awareness walk.  If 100 people attend a walk and don’t collect any pledges, the walk will gross $2,000 from the registration fees.  Of course,  there are expenses that are deducted from that cost, even though we run as lean as possible.  Now, if each of those 100 people asked 10 people for $10, you know have a $12,000 walk...and expenses remain the same – as if it were a $2,000 walk!  $10,000 is the difference you can make in less than a week! $12,000 funds half of one research grant! ***

Can you ask 10 people for $10 this week? Help the Preeclampsia Foundation keep our promises to those who have suffered and been lost, and to those who will be touched by preeclampsia in the future.

2.  Email or call your local Walk Coordinator! Volunteer to help.  Let them know what day(s) you can volunteer, and how much time you have.  If you have only one hour to spare – we can find something for you to do.

3.  Check to see if your company offers a Matching Gifts program. Many companies offer a program that matches a percentage of a charitable contribution made by its employee’s.  Some companies match 100%.  If you give $100, they may match it and give an additional $100!  Ask your friends and family to check with their employer’s too!  It’s a tax deduction for the company, too!

4.  Call 5 business that you frequent. Maybe it’s your insurance company, your favorite restaurant, your child’s daycare, your place of worship, your mechanic.  Think of 5 businesses you visit on a regular basis.  Call and ask them to make a donation.  If that’s not possible, perhaps they can provide gift cards for raffle’s or prizes.

5.  Invite your pediatrician or pediatric specialist,  your family doctor, your Ob/Gyn, MFM, or other specialist.  Let them know that you are making a difference and ask them to join you.

These last few days and weeks are VERY important to our mission.  We are currently at 68% of our goal.  Don’t give up!  Push hard until the end!  Remind people to register, make their donations, and support a cause that is near and dear to your heart.  Keep up the great work!

***Bring your pledge sheets and any money to the walk to hand in to the registrar.  If you have collected pledges with your online webpage, please print a copy of your page and bring to the walk as well!  ALL DONATIONS need to be turned in the day of the walk in order for you to be eligible for prizes!


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