May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month

May 1, 2010

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month and that means a lot of great awareness building events and activities are going on across the country! You can do your part by encouraging your local community newspapers and radio stations to write a story spotlighting the toll that preeclampsia takes on women, babies and families, citing any of the recent statistics that have been published such as maternal mortality rates, increasing numbers of older women having babies (and therefore having a greater chance of getting preeclampsia), or even your own story as an illustration of how important it is to raise awareness and know the warning signs. If you’d like helping developing your “pitch”, please contact Director of Communications Jill Siegel at jill.siegel@preeclampsia.org. Don’t be afraid to speak up in your local media. Awareness saves lives!

State and city public officials across the country have proclaimed the month as Preeclampsia Awareness Month. You can see some of those proclamations on our Promise Walk website – dozens of Promise Walks for Preeclampsia are being held across the country with related activities such as guest speakers and memorial events.

Executive Director Eleni Tsigas will be a guest on a VoiceAmerica radio talk show on Monday, May 3 at 1 PM EDT so be sure to tune in via your computer at “A Labor of Love” to call in and share your own thoughts and experiences.

Finally, the entire preeclampsia community is encouraged to participate in a Twitter chat about preeclampsia hosted by the March of Dimes on May 11 at 3 EDT. Follow us on Twitter and look for #pregnancychat to participate in this live event. Not sure how? Contact Social Networking Coordinator Denise Lang about how to get in on the “tweets.” Also look for our guest column on “NewsMomsNeed”, the March of Dimes official blog for moms.

Read more about these and other Preeclampsia Awareness Month activities in our Press Room.


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