Crossing the finish line

May 6, 2010

Your heart is pumping, your legs are aching, your lungs are burning as you suck in every gasp of oxygen, but it’s all okay, because your eyes see the finish line. Thousands are waving flags and screaming their hearts out for you. “You can do it!” OK, maybe a little melodramatic since most of our walks are only a couple of miles in length, but I feel the intensity of that drama as the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia has just taken a celebratory stride across the finish line. That’s right – we hit our goal! $100,000 in a few short months.

So why are you looking at those bright pink footsteps on our home page and wondering why somebody just lapped you? Because we have just been given an amazing opportunity to make a huge impact on preeclampsia research and we have 21 walks still to go. We can do this!

This has not been announced yet (well, I guess it has now!), but the Preeclampsia Foundation has received a grant to develop the first ever National Preeclampsia Registry & BioBank (PRBB). The grant is enough to make a serious dent in developing the infrastructure needed, but we’ll need more money to fully realize our goal. The goal of this Registry is to rapidly advance research efforts into the causes of preeclampsia and to identify novel avenues of treatment and prevention, through the enrollment of thousands of affected women and their family members. It will cost a lot of money to enroll over 10,000 participants that we need to advance research. The payoff could be huge. With the recent advancements in genetics, including the fields of genomics and proteomics, researchers are very excited by the progress that could be made with this kind of resource.

We’ve already proven we can meet our goal! Another 50,000 strides toward a new finish line could make a huge difference in preeclampsia research. If you haven’t already, please consider making a contribution to the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. If you already have given, even some additional pocket change can and will make a difference as we huff and puff our way around ONE MORE LAP!

If you’d like, read more about this concept of a patient-driven Registry in our Community Forum.


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