Wausau, WI mom noted as ‘heart and sole’ of local walk

June 8, 2010

One mom out of thousands echos what we all want: to make a difference not only for her daughter but for all future daughters.  Wausau mom, Denise Lang, says, “There’s exciting things happening with research that can hopefully make that difference, but the biggest thing is awareness.  If you know the symptoms and you’re talking about them with your doctor, that can ultimately save your life or your babies life…  Ten years from now, I hope I can say that we don’t have to do this anymore, that my daughter doesn’t have to worry about this.  That’s something that is very concerning to me, that my children if they decide to have families, this is something right now that they’re going to have to worry about in years to come.”

Read the rest of the story here about Denise’s Promise Walk efforts!

How can you help spread awareness?


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