The 2010 season ends and 2011 planning begins

September 1, 2010

You did it…we did it….we reached our 2010 goal of $150,000! Today, August 31st, marks the end of the 2010 Promise Walk season and we actually surpassed the goal by about $18,000.   Amazing!   The hard work of our volunteers, our wonderful sponsors, and everyone who supported a walk deserves a big ‘thank you’.    So ‘THANK YOU!’

While we are enjoying the high of reaching our goal, we are already thinking about the 2011 walk planning season.   2010 brought us many positive changes, stories of success, and new volunteers are crawling out of the woodwork.    There have been many volunteers working behind the scenes over the summer to ensure that 2011 will be a year of even more success, continued positive change, and making strides towards an even bigger goal.

Want to help us reach our goal?    Join a Promise Walk in your area or start one if there is not already one in place.

Contact becky.sloan@preeclampsia.org for more information.



  1. I would LOVE to see a walk in the Kansas City area. Will that ever happen?

  2. Amy, we need coordinators to plan walks and if you are interested, please contact our National Walk Coordinator for more info (Contact her at becky.sloan@preeclampsia.org.).

    Thank you!

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