Happy Thanksgiving from the Promise Walk!

November 25, 2010

As you get ready to stuff the turkey, bake those pies and either welcome the masses into your home or travel to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving dinner, we at the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia want to take a moment to offer our thanks.

This past year we exceeded our goal for the Promise Walk raising over $150,000.  We couldn’t have done that without you…our donors, our walkers, our coordinators and volunteers. 

So many of us that work on the Promise Walk have been touched personally by preeclampsia.  We’ve had babies in the NICU, bumpers on our hospital beds, and blood pressure cuffs that went off every 20 minutes.  Many are family members who watched with fear as the wife, daughter or sister they love struggled to fight a disease they may have barely heard of before it turned their world upside down.  Some of us left the hospital with empty arms, grateful for our own lives but mourning those of our babies—lives taken by a disease with no acceptable cure, without a reason why or how and with no clear path on how to avoid it in the future.

Today we are grateful for each and every one of us that have survived.  We are grateful for attentive doctors and nurses, supportive family members and friends.  We are so thankful that you have given your time, your money, your support to our cause.  Together, we are making a difference and moving into 2011 our voices will be heard even louder.

From all of us at the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful to have you.



  1. I have had two cases of preeclampsia. My son was born @ 34 weeks in Dec 2005 and unfortunetly my daughter was stillborn @ 26 weeks in May 2010. I have chronic hypertension. I am seeing the specialist this time before getting pregnant again and had bloodwork done to check for everything(blood clotting disorder,chromosome problems,etc..). I have already had a MRA to check kidneys. I have left the hospital twice empty handed. I can say I did have a son to go see the first time at Scottish Rite, which had nothing to do with him being premature. He had a rare birth defect requiring 4 surgeries. Unfortunetly, The second time, I went home to prepare for a funeral. I really wish they could find a cure for it. It is awful.

  2. Jenn – We are so sorry for your loss…your story is truly heartbreaking.

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