Resolutions for a New Year

January 7, 2011

It’s a new year and with that comes new resolutions.  No, we at the Promise Walk aren’t talking about diets or exercise plans, although those are all great!  At the Promise Walk we’re focused on May…what do we resolve to do to make our annual Promise Walk for Preeclampsia the most successful year yet?

  1. We resolve to bring the walks to new cities with wonderful new coordinators in places like Denver, San Jose, and Indianapolis among just a few.
  2. We resolve to increase our attendance at our existing walks.
  3. We resolve to have our registration open and ready for folks by January 1.  (By the way, check that box!  Registration is open!!!)
  4. We resolve to bring awareness to a whole new set of people who may be unfamiliar with preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and their symptoms.  We will garner media attention, questions from passersby and you’ll read all about us on Facebook when you join one of our Promise Walk groups.
  5. Speaking of Facebook, we resolve to increase our Facebook friends and have more of you subscribe to receive our Promise Walk blog…forward to a friend and help us with this, won’t you?
  6. Finally, we resolve to raise at LEAST $225,000.  Funds raised will go directly to toward education and awareness programs in our communities and nationwide.

So…what do you resolve to do?

May we suggest…

-Consider hosting a Promise Walk in your city if there isn’t one yet.

-If you have a Promise Walk nearby, please sign up and come walk with us.

-Share the walks with your Facebook friends, your e-mail list, your colleagues at work and ask them to walk, donate and share information about preeclampsia and our Promise Walk.

-Volunteer at a local walk or donate your company’s services such as printing, food products or silent auction items.

-Think happy thoughts for blue skies and sunshine in each of our walk cities the day of our walks.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2011 for all of you and for all mommies-to-be and their babies!


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