Dallas Walk Goes Big—Texas Style!

January 28, 2011

This coming May Dallas will host its third annual Promise Walk for Preeclampsia with Nicole Purnell and Jennifer Joyce at the helm.  After the inaugural walk in 2009, Nicole decided she wanted to go big!  Isn’t that how they always do things in Texas?  2010 proved to be a banner year in Dallas with over 150 participants and more than $14,000 raised.

So, how do they top that for 2011 and what’s on the radar for this year?

Nicole and Jennifer have been thinking of ways to make this coming year a success since the final walker crossed the finish line last year.  They are hoping their efforts pay off to the tune of more than 200 in attendance and $20,000!

What can you expect if you are lucky enough to attend the Dallas Promise Walk for Preeclampsia to be  held on Saturday, May 7th?  This year our coordinators are busy working on engaging speakers, fanciful face painters for the kids, tasty refreshments and even a bounce house if the walk itself doesn’t wear out all that extra energy the little ones bring with them.  (By the way, if you’re in the Dallas area and your company can donate to any of these items, they’ll gladly take the help!)

With their beautiful new location at Gussie Watterworth Park, the Dallas Promise Walk attracts supporters from all over the region, from Oklahoma, to Louisiana and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Come join the fun!  Registration is open.  Adults are $20, Children are $10.  You can also join the Dallas Promise Walk Facebook Group and stay up to date on all the progress the walk makes over the next few months.

Come on, cowboy up!

For more information contact Nicole Purnell at Nicole.Purnell@preeclampsia.org or the Dallas Walk page at http://www.promisewalk.org/pfpw/searchresults.asp.


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