A Warm Sunny Day…in Davenport

March 11, 2011

A warm sunny day is what the Warners are hoping for on walk day.  John and Brenda Warner started the walk in Davenport, Iowa seven years ago after they tragically lost their daughter Shelly a week after she gave birth to their first grandchild.  Shelly was just 25 years old when she lost her life to preeclampsia.

The Davenport Promise Walk is a labor of love for the Warners and one of the Preeclampsia Foundation’s largest.  With 400 walkers in 2010, hopes are high that this year they will hit the 500 walker mark and bring in over $30,000 for the Preeclampsia Foundation.  Funds raised will go to support the Foundation’s awareness and patient support programs.

With over 20 volunteers to support them, the Davenport Promise Walk will include a silent auction, face painting, visits from mascots, inflatables and speakers who are sure to move the crowd with their personal and passionate stories.

Having organized this walk for seven years now, the Warners shared that they are moved by the support they feel from the community.  When asked what makes their walk special, they commented, “It’s Shelly’s friends, our family and friends who continue to support our efforts.” 

If you would like to participate in Davenport’s Promise Walk for Preeclampsia go to http://www.promisewalk.org/pfpw/fundevent.asp?nnaffundid=11 to register or donate.  Hopefully, it’s a warm, sunny day.


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