From Grace to Race…the Chicago Story

May 11, 2011

When Johanna Aiken and Renee Martinez-Ujiki signed on to help Jill Siegel organize the Preeclampsia Foundation’s 2009 Saving Grace Gala event the wheels were put in motion.  Their phenomenally successful event brought together a Chicagoland community of Preeclampsia Foundation supporters who were motivated to come together annually and support our collective mission.  The Chicago Promise Walk for Preeclampsia was born.

Now in its second year, the Chicago walk has transformed in 2011 into an officially sanctioned, CARA certified 5K Walk/Run.  Complete with prizes for the top male and female finishers as well as age group awards, the 5K will also feature a Kids’ Dash and prizes for all children who complete the event.

After the 5K, families and supporters can linger about to enjoy a kids’ crafts table, presentation of awards, music and much more.   

Hoping to attract over 250 participants and raise over $40,000, the Chicago Promise Walk is one of the nation’s largest preeclampsia walks.  There’s still time to register and be a part of this important event.  Go to http://www.promisewalk.org/pfpw/fundevent.asp?nnaffundid=9 and register or donate now.


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