The After Glow

August 5, 2011

The last walker has crossed the finish line, the banners have all been taken down, the brochures packed up and most of us coordinators have packed up our supplies until next year.  Me?  I still have a few boxes in my living room that need to be sorted before the 2011 Promise Walk  is completely in my rear view mirror.

Did you walk, volunteer or coordinate a walk this year?  Do you realize what an amazing impact you have made?  There were men and women, mommies and daddies that came to our walks that had recently lost a baby.  You made them feel they weren’t alone and gave them hope.  Families came that lost a daughter, sister or mother to this disease.  You honored their memory.  Countless women came to the walks that had their lives altered by preeclampsia; you educated them on their now higher risk for heart disease.  You made such a difference.

Did you start a team or recruit family and friends to support you?  Those people now know more about preeclampsia, its symptoms, its effect on our lives.  They may have never heard of it before, but now it’s more than “on their radar”, they’ve become our supporters.

The donations you received, the registration fees you paid all go to the more than $271,000 we raised nationally…a new record for our Promise Walks!  The Foundation can now reach out to more women with educational materials, support more families touched by preeclampsia and fund more research initiatives.   It may have been just one morning this past April, May or June, but that one morning walking has a ripple effect and it
will just grow bigger next year.

So…pat yourself on the back, give yourself a round of applause!  We couldn’t do it without you!  For me, being a walk coordinator is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life and with each new success each year, I look to raise the bar higher for the following year.  I can’t wait to start watching my little fuchsia feet starting climbing to my goal for 2012.  For now, I’ll give myself at least another week to just bask in the post walk after glow.


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