And We’re Off…

October 20, 2011

The 2012 Walk Season has officially begun for those of us who work on planning the walks.  Our first conference call was last week and this returning coordinator is so excited!

We have so many new walks planned all over the country, so many wonderful new and motivated coordinators and great returning veteran coordinators.  It’s going to be a great year.  For me, I find myself in a familiar spot…once again looking for the perfect location for my walk.  Everything starts from there and I’m confident it will work out.

All wrapped in the kick-off to planning is the hope and optimism of what the walk can be…how many people will attend this year?  How much money will we raise?  Who will I meet that will touch my heart with their story?  How many times over the course of the next months will I cry both tears of sadness and anguish as well as tears of pride for what we do?

We all have such personal reasons for organizing a walk.  We’ve been touched by preeclampsia with the loss of loved ones, loss of babies, loss of an innocent pregnancy and unwanted stays in the NICU.  We’ve had more than swollen ankles and little bit of heartburn.  We have husbands and family members that once sat over us in hospital ICU rooms.  Those same husbands and family now track down sponsors, count out t-shirts and get up with us before the crack of dawn to make our walk days perfect.

I know come the end of May, I’ll be ready for a break for a bit but right now I’m rejuvenated, motivated and determined to have my best walk ever.  It’s my promise for 2012.


There is still time to start organizing a walk in your area…contact National Walk Director, Becky Sloan for more information.  Becky, a volunteer and coordinator for the San Diego walk as well, can be reached at becky.sloan@preeclampsia.org.



  1. is there going to ne one in oklahoma please let me know if need be i can help thanks please let me asap

  2. Will there be a walk in Kansas City?

  3. Can there be a walk in the Fort Lauderdale area? That’s a fairly large city, there should be lots of people. How can I find out?

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