Searching for Support and Finding a Promise

February 22, 2012

Participants at the First Annual San Jose Promise Walk in May 2011.

This time last year San Jose resident Jennifer Smith was pregnant and about to learn that her pregnancy was not to be one of those simple and healthy ones.  At 28 weeks, Jennifer was diagnosed with preeclampsia and eventually hospitalized.  Jennifer delivered at 33 weeks, 6 days when her body could no longer hold off the disease.

During the time that Jennifer was hospitalized she was looking for support from those who had been there and found the Preeclampsia Foundation.  She also found Tiffany Trevers who was last year’s San Jose Promise Walk lead coordinator.  Tiffany was in the midst of putting on the inaugural San Jose Promise Walk.

Jennifer’s experience last year with the Promise Walk was so positive that she took the big leap to Coordinator for 2012.  Together with Tiffany, they look to match last year’s amazing attendance and fundraising totals and reach even more local Bay Area folks who may have been touched by preeclampsia.

This year’s walk will once again feature a dove release to honor victims of preeclampsia and already has the support of several local businesses and ventures such as Blood Centers of the Pacific, Developmental Pathways for Kids and Sports Basement to name a few.

You can register to be a part of this day now!  The walk will be held on May 6th at Vasona Lake County Park.  Registration is $20 for adults and $10 for children.  Got to http://www.promisewalk.org/sanjose to register or make a donation.

Come and join Jennifer and Tiffany as they renew their promise to help find a cure, bring awareness and support others who have experienced the pain of preeclampsia.


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