Late Night Musings Lead to Inaugural Philly Promise Walk

March 7, 2012

Late one night while feeding her infant daughter, Sarah Hughes decided something big.  In the fuzziness of it being way too late, she decided to do something about preeclampsia.  When she got up the next morning, she didn’t forget that decision or chalk it up to the hour of the day, instead she became the Philadelphia Promise Walk for Preeclampsia coordinator.

In their first year, this walk can already be considered a huge success and they are still two months out from walk day.  They are more than half way to their goal of $10,000, have had the state of New Jersey declare May Preeclampsia Awareness Month and are well on their way to meet their attendance goals.

All this began after Sarah delivered her second child.  Her pregnancy was healthy, she delivered a healthy baby at full term, spent her time in the hospital and went home.  It was at home that things seemed “not right”…she felt as if she couldn’t catch her breath, she had a headache and her vision seemed off.  When she called her doctor, she was told to go to the hospital immediately.

After three harrowing days, Sarah was on her way to recovery even though she spent weeks more dealing with and monitoring high blood pressure.

Sarah hopes that the Philadelphia Promise Walk becomes “an amazing annual family event,” and we couldn’t agree more.  If you’d like to register or donate and join Sarah and her fabulous volunteer team at the Saturday, May 12th Promise Walk, you can go to www.promisewalk.org/philadelphia.  This year’s walk is held at Challenge Grove Park in Cherry Hill.  For more information, contact philadelphia@preeclampsia.org.


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