In Search of 500 and Other Important Numbers

March 21, 2012

SEVEN years ago John and Brenda Warner lost their daughter Shelly when she passed away due to severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome ONE week after she gave birth.

Shelly was just TWENTY-FIVE years old.

That year, Shelly became one of the SEVENTY-SIX THOUSAND mothers who die of preeclampsia annually worldwide.

Her daughter, Hailey, is now SEVEN.

The Warners are putting on their EIGHTH Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Davenport, IA this coming May.  They have big hopes and dreams for this year’s walk.

Like years past, the community will come together and honor those victims of the disease as well as support survivors.  They’ll have kids’ activities, speakers and a silent auction.  But this year, this is the year they hope to have FIVE HUNDRED walkers attend.

Your ONE registration could make that happen.

Register now and be  ONE more person that makes a difference for women in Davenport and worldwide.  Go to www.promisewalk.org/davenport and register now.  Adults are just $20 and children are $10.

Come be ONE of FIVE HUNDRED who walk with the Warners, their granddaughter and other family members on May 12th at Modern Woodmen Ballpark.

Perhaps ONE day, these FIVE HUNDRED will have brought the deaths from preeclampsia down to ZERO.


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