Catharsis Through Volunteerism

March 29, 2012

Amanda Basom found herself spending six weeks in the NICU watching her baby grow strong enough to come home…this was after her own ordeal with preeclampsia.  In the months that followed, Amanda decided to make her stressful, emotional experience into a positive one.

Amanda is now our Portland, OR Promise Walk for Preeclampsia coordinator…holding our first ever walk in Portland.

This coming May, the pain and stress of the birth of her daughter turns a tough time into a positive for so many others as those in Portland gather to raise awareness of preeclampsia and generate funds to combat the disease.  The day will include a special fundraiser at Oaks Amusement Park where walkers can purchase $15 bracelets to enjoy the afternoon at the park and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Preeclampsia Foundation.

When Amanda signed on as walk coordinator, she understood the task she was taking on was going to be a big one, but it’s been worth it.  “I had never done anything like it before, and it was a little intimidating, but volunteering has actually been very cathartic,” said Amanda when asked about the experience.

If you are in the Portland, OR area on May 12th, join Amanda by registering at www.promisewalk.org/portland.  Registration is $20 for adults and $10 for children.  The walk begins in Oaks Park at “The Grove” picnic area.

For more information, contact Amanda Basom at Portland@preeclampsia.org.


One comment

  1. It’s true that this is the first ever “Promise Walk for Preeclampsia” in Portland since we rebranded our awareness walks in 2010. However, the Preeclampsia Foundation did have a couple of other awareness walks in Portland – in 2005 and 2006 (my info on the latter is sketchier) – under the coordination of volunteer Danyel Mele. Nonetheless, we’re thrilled that Amanda and her team have rallied to create such a fabulous event! Can’t wait to meet everybody there on May 12th!

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