Turning Passion Into Action

April 25, 2012

ImageIn 2007, still reeling from the loss at 24 weeks of her twin daughters, Bridget and Elsie, Meredith Drews refused to sit at home recuperating and in her mind, doing nothing. Searching the internet furiously, she found the Preeclampsia Foundation and through it, a way to give back by first getting involved with the San Diego walk, and soon hosting her own.

In her third year coordinating the Orange County Promise Walk, not a day goes by that Meredith does not think of the reasons that she hosts the walk each year.

“I know we were lucky and had great medical care so that I survived, but we will always miss our baby girls,” Meredith commented. “It was so much work that first year, but at the end, people knew more about preeclampsia and about my little girls who only lived an hour; and it all happened because of the work I had done with my family and friends.”

The Orange County Walk is truly a family affair, including an auction run by Drews’ sister and co-coordinator Sara Tisdell and lots of family-friendly activities for the Orange County community. This year, that community has grown to include attendance by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang and Irvine City Councilmember Dr. Steven Choi. Assemblyman Mansoor will present a certificate of recognition and Mayor Kang will present the proclamation declaring May Preeclampsia Awareness Month. The program will also include a presentation by the Orange County mission family of Tricia Carlton who will be speaking about her sister Kathleen who died from the results of preeclampsia.  Tricia found out about our walk last year and came after seeing a flyer, then realizing that the walk was the same day as her sister’s birthday.

The Orange County goal is to raise $30,000 and have 200 people registered at their new location in Bill Barber Park in Irvine, Calif. To learn more about the Orange County walk, register at http://www.promisewalk.org/orangecounty.


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