Life Changes In An Instant

February 13, 2013
Shelia's daughter Rebecca and twin grandsons.

Shelia’s daughter Rebecca and twin grandsons.

First time walk coordinator, Shelia Carroll, has a pain in her heart we all hope no parent ever feels.  Shelia lost her adult daughter, Rebecca, to complications of preeclampsia.  Rebecca left behind a husband, two sons and a new baby girl who would never know her mother.

It’s a tragedy that those of us in the community of preeclampsia activists have heard far too often, and one that Shelia obviously wishes had not touched her family as it has.  Yet in the aftermath of this deep heartache, Shelia didn’t retreat.  She summoned the courage to move forward and do so in order to help other families avoid the tragedy that has befallen her own.

One of Shelia’s hopes for the first annual Birmingham Promise Walk for Preeclampsia is that other women and their families will become more knowledgeable of the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia.  She also hopes that attendees will take comfort in meeting and finding others that have been through similar experiences.

Like many of our walks, this one too is a labor of love honoring a mother who died too young.  As Shelia has said, “It is happening out of love, heartache, anger. All the emotions that losing someone to this causes. Emotions that change in an instant.”

Registration is open now for this May 4th event at Railroad Park.  Register at www.promisewalk.org/birmingham.


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