Looking for Her Own Silver Lining Playbook

February 20, 2013

 First time coordinator Sara Scheirer Collins is looking to find something positive from her own traumatic pregnancy experiences.  After developing HELLP Syndrome in her first pregnancy and severe preeclampsia in her second, Sara hopes to spread the message of awareness in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Following the belief that knowledge is power, the Greenwood Promise Walk for Preeclampsia plans to reach at least 100 community members as well as partner with local physicians.  Additionally, the Promise Walk will honor local mothers and babies who have experienced preeclampsia with a table set up displaying their photos and stories.

Looking to strike a fun, family tone as well, Sara promises a “short and sweet one mile walk,” kids’ activities and a hot dog and bake sale.  Sara believes that if she “can provide useful information and bring awareness to at least one mother and child who may face the same situation, then I will be happy with the results of this walk.”  She’ll have found her silver lining.

The Greenwood Promise Walk will be held at the Greenwood Civic Center on May 18th.  To register, go to www.promisewalk.org/greenwood.


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