The Loss of One Twin and Miraculous Survival of Another

March 20, 2013

kathyaStephensonFamilyMicro-preemies.  That’s the name given babies born at the teeny, tiny size at which Albany, NY Promise Walk for Preeclampsia Coordinator A. Kathya Stephenson’s baby girls were born.  Kennedy was a mere 14 oz and Kendyll was only 1 lb, 4 oz.  When you stop to think how very small that is, how very precious these little girls were, it’s even more amazing that Kendyll survived.

Kathya experienced preeclampsia and was forced to deliver her twin daughters.  Because of her illness, the girls were not receiving the proper nutrition they needed, so they were even smaller than their gestational age.  After her experience, Kathya was moved to take action and attended the 2012 New York City Promise Walk.

“As we released a balloon when we reached the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge,  I felt like we were sending a little gift to our little sweet angel in heaven,” said Kathya. She knew that she wanted to bring that same feeling of hope and love to her area to preeclampsia survivors and their families in upstate New York.

This will be her first year coordinating and she has big hopes for the Capital City walk.  Kathya aims to help educate others in her community about the symptoms of preeclampsia.  Through the work of their walk and volunteers, they hope to have Preeclampsia Foundation brochures in as many OB offices as they can.

You can join Kathya, her family and others at the walk on May 11th at the Crossings of Colonie.  Kathya will be sharing her story and celebrating the life of Kendyll as well as remembering the brief time that Kennedy spent with them.

The Promise Walk will also include family activities, a raffle and music.

You can register now at www.promisewalk.org/albany.


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