Taking the Raleigh Reins

March 27, 2013
Richie, Molly and their miracle Payton with friends at the 2011 Raleigh Promise Walk.

Richie, Molly and their miracle Payton with friends at the 2011 Raleigh Promise Walk.

For the past few years, Leanne Parke has led the charge for the Raleigh Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.  When Leanne’s family relocated to Hershey, Pennsylvania this past year, Molly Herring took over and kept the Promise Walk going.

Molly attended the last two years supporting the walk after her own struggle with preeclampsia.  At 29 weeks in her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and later with HELLP syndrome.  A day that began with plans to have her hair done and take her niece to the local fair turned into a frightened call to her husband telling him he needed to pack her bags and that she was being admitted to the hospital.

Doctors initially hoped to manage Molly’s preeclampsia, but once she developed HELLP, all bets were off and she was induced into labor.  Her daughter was born at 2 lbs, 12 oz and was so tiny her husband could put his wedding ring around her wrist.  Thankfully, today both Molly and her now two year old little girl have recovered and are healthy and happy.

Having enjoyed the sense of community and new friends that walks have given her in past years, Molly looks to share that with newcomers and return walkers in Raleigh.  Participants can expect to hear speakers, enjoy music and the silent auction.  Kids can jump in the bounce house or have their faces painted.

You can join the Raleigh Promise Walk by registering now at www.promisewalk.org/raleigh.  The walk takes place on Saturday, May 11th at Apex Community Park.


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