Looking to HELLP Others in Richland Center

April 10, 2013

Richland CoordinatorFirst time walk coordinator Kally Clary looks forward to a beautiful spring day when Richland Center, WI welcomes their first Promise Walk for Preeclampsia on May 11th.

Kally has learned a great deal about preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome since her own diagnosis in January 2012.  She was 38 weeks pregnant and was being induced for persistent labor pains.  When her physician pulled blood work they found she had HELLP syndrome and she was immediately sent to a larger hospital where they performed an emergency c-section.

Kally’s son, Carson, is a healthy, happy baby boy, but due to her condition, she was under anesthesia for the birth and missed hearing his first cries and her husband missed cutting the cord.  She came home from the hospital and scoured the blogs and websites.  She found so many similar voices echoing her own frustration at the lack of answers about why she had been so sick and the inability to determine what would happen in any future pregnancies.

It’s that dissatisfaction with current information that led her to commit to coordinating this year’s Promise Walk in Richland Center.  She hopes to raise awareness within her community and meet their fundraising goal of $5300.  She also hopes that this will assist the Preeclampsia Foundation with their mission to work toward finding a cause and a cure for preeclampsia.

The Richland Center walk will include speakers, food, children’s activities, and of course, the walk.  Participants may enter the stroller decorating contest and you might even be lucky enough to score sippy cup or bottle from local sponsor, Nuk.

To register for the walk on May 11th at Krouskop Park, go to www.promisewalk.org/richlandcenter.


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