San Jose Mission Family Walks in Memory of their Little Boy

April 23, 2013

Amy Hiett was pregnant with her fourth little boy when her world became forever changed.  She first had signs that something might be amiss at 26 weeks.  She went to the ER with headaches and vomiting and pain on her right side. Her labs came back ok, however, so she was sent home with what everyone thought was the stomach flu.

At her 30 weeks doctor appointment, after taking her blood pressure, her doctor immediately laid her on her side and said, “We need to get your BP down and your urine is +2. You will be on bed rest from here on out, and I need to prepare you for having a preemie because you will not make it to the end.”

As many other moms can attest to, bedrest when you have a child already at home is tough, when you have three kids at home, even harder.  But, Amy and her husband did the best they could to keep Amy rested and their baby well cared for.

At 34 weeks, on a Thursday, she went in for her weekly checkup.  She felt awful, but the doctor said her baby looked good.  He told her to be ready though, that they would deliver next week. Just five days later, at 35 weeks, she went in and told the doctor she was anxious and had insomnia because she was consumed with the thought of her baby dying.

Her doctor pulled out the Doppler and, sadly, found no heartbeat.  They then went into the ultrasound room.  Amy reclined in the chair and says she had “the most horrible feeling.” The next thing Amy heard was, “I’m so sorry, your baby is dead.”

Amy was sent to the hospital where her BP spiraled out of control, her head pounded and the pain on her right side had returned again. She was given three different BP meds and put on a mag drip, but her BP was still 197/107.  Amy was fading in and out, but remembers hearing her husband tell the doctor, “I can’t lose my wife too!”

She was taken in for a c-section and Amy recalls, “My headache went away on the table, and I looked over and there was our sweet still baby and my teary eyed husband.”

The next few months would be a blur of a funeral, confusion, slow speech, headaches, swelling and fear of leaving the house. After just over a year, Amy’s health problems are mostly gone, but the grief and fear, she says, “they creep in like ships in the night.”

Amy, her husband and their three other boys will be at the San Jose Promise Walk for Preeclampsia to share their story and remember their sweet son and brother, Seeley Andrew Hiett who came into this world still at 3 ½ pounds and 15 ½ inches long.

You can join them by registering now at www.promisewalk.org/sanjose.


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