Virtual Walk helps ALL families to “Make Strides” toward research, education & awareness

May 8, 2013

Join our Virtual Walk for all mothers across the world.

We live in an incredibly large country here in the US with a pretty sizable footprint for all those little pink feet to make strides & deliver hope. And we all know that preeclampsia can impact any pregnancy, anywhere. So when our Foundation did the math, we realized that there were plenty of families affected by preeclampsia that couldn’t show their solidarity by being at a local walk.

So we decided to something about that in 2013, which is where the Virtual Promise Walk comes in (www.promisewalk.org/virtual): to create a space for all the people who say to us “I wish there was a Promise Walk in <LOCATION>.” Anyone across the country (or the globe) can register and form a team for the same $20 donation to the Foundation’s mission.

We center this event around Mother’s Day on May 12, 2013 to reflect the many moms that are no longer with us…

the moms who don’t get to hold their babies in their arms…

the moms who have suffered the terrible fear, uncertainty that is preeclampsia, eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

You can then go for a quiet, reflective walk throughout the month of May. Or, encourage your friends and family to join your team and make it a party in the sunshine (or snow for some of our northern participants!). All participants can fundraise just like at any of our other walk locations and will receive their 2013 “I Kept My Promise” buttons.

So join us this Mother’s Day as we show our solidarity with global moms and “Walk. Give. Learn.”


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