Happy Family Supports Preeclampsia Education & Awareness for Families by Trish Adkins

May 20, 2013

Happy Mama & preeclampsia survivor Trish Adkins shows her support at the Philadelphia-metro Promise Walk on May 11, 2013.

Happy Family Organic Superfood is proud to be a national sponsor of the Preeclampsia Foundation Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in 2013.

Our team of Happy Mamas, real-life mothers who work to educate families on the importance of nutrition, will be at multiple Promise Walk locations across the country throughout May and June. We will be supporting the cause and sharing real life tips on keeping your family happy and healthy.

As the Happy Mama in Southern New Jersey, I am proud to work for such a socially active organization and their support of this cause touches me personally. I love that my job allows me to share my motherhood story and the values of healthy, wholesome nutrition and living that have kept my family strong through one of the toughest of life’s challenges: surviving preeclampsia twice.

Preeclampsia hit me out of the blue; changing an otherwise healthy, happy pregnancy into a nightmare.

I was 29 weeks pregnant with my first child, Lily, and woke up unable to see out of my left eye. My feet, hands and entire body were swollen. I went to the OB, knowing something was wrong; knowing that I could have preeclampsia, but not quite believing it.

At the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was 210/110 and I had gained 60 pounds of water weight since my last appointment.  They sent me to the hospital, where my blood pressure continued to rise. I was at risk for developing eclampsia, a seizure disorder that can be deadly to both mother and child.

The only cure for preeclampsia is delivery, but delivery carries risks for babies who are not fully developed. Lily was born that night, weighing just 2 lbs., 14 ounces. She could not breath on her own and required numerous medical interventions to survive. Lily was hospitalized for 7 weeks.

It was not the birth story I planned. Three years later, my second child, Chloe was born at 31 weeks and weighed just 3 lbs., 4 ounces. Again, preeclampsia crept up on me.

Preeclampsia is unfortunately common; affecting one in 12 pregnancies. No one knows what causes preeclampsia and so many pregnant women do not know the signs or symptoms of the disease. The Promise Walk is an important piece of raising awareness and funds to find a cure for this deadly disorder.


Happy Family provides organic foods for babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults!

Happy Family is dedicated to educating mothers and fathers on growing healthy families by providing nutrition information, organic foods and supporting causes like the Promise Walk. You can connect with your local Happy Mama on the directory on the Happy Family website.

You can also view the full line of Happy Family certified organic products including first cereals, baby and toddler meals and snacks, and Happy Squeeze smoothies for children and adults. Our new Greek Yogurt line provides gentle dairy for babies through toddlers in a self-stable pouch.

Launched on Mother’s Day 2006, and owned and operated by moms, Happy Family is the leading premium organic food brand delivering optimal nutrition for the entire family.  We invite you to join our Generation Happy community so you will be sure to hear about all our new products and special offers.

ImageAbout our guest blogger: Trish Adkins is a Happy Mama for Happy Family Organic Superfoods. She is a two-time survivor of preeclampsia and has volunteered with the Preeclampsia Foundation since 2007, including her active involvement with the Philadelphia Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. She feels strongly that education is critical for women, doctors, nurses and fathers-to-be, and has made it her goal to make that happen in her local community.

She regularly blogs at http://2yoke.blogspot.com.



  1. Trish you are such a rock star mom, so proud to know you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story Trish, and for helping to raise awareness to help support other mamas!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story and raising awareness, Trish!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. An important reminder for us for the symptoms to look for…

  5. Great post and great picture in the Happy Baby truck!

  6. Such an important post and hooray for Happy Family for supporting the cause.

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