Preeclampsia Survivor Brings Walk and Awareness to South-Central Texas

May 22, 2013

Preeclampsia survivors Kelly & Danielle Smith. Join them on June 8 in San Antonio!

Two-time preeclampsia survivor Danielle Smith was disappointed to find out that her 2012 move from Orange County, California to San Antonio, Texas came with an unexpected detriment: no nearby Promise Walk for Preeclampsia!

“I quickly realized that the closest walk was 3 hours away in Houston,” Danielle explained. “I ended up flying back to California for the 2012 walk, but I knew that south-central Texas needed their own walk!”

Danielle knew nothing about preeclampsia before the birth of her first daughter, Madelyn in 2009, but was hospitalized with pregnancy-induced hypertension and HELLP syndrome at 29 weeks. Madelyn was born weighing only 3 lbs, 7 oz. Most of what she learned about preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome came from the Preeclampsia Foundation website via her mom’s furious online research at the hospital.

Two years later, her second daughter Kelly was born at 34 weeks due to HELLP syndrome, but this time, she was armed with knowledge. After her second experience she knew she had to do something more for other families who knew nothing about the condition.

Danielle emphasized: “We go through this very traumatic experience with just a few people beside us, but there are hundreds, even thousands, of people in our own communities who have gone through the same thing. We do not need to feel alone.”

As a first-year coordinator, her hope is to provide the affected and their families with a place to come together and find support.

The San Antonio Promise Walk, which serves all of south-central Texas including Austin, Corpus Christi (coastal), and Laredo, will be held on June 8 at Olmos Park, with a family picnic after the walk, so that participants will have time to get to know each other and enjoy the day.

To register and for more information, visit www.promisewalk.org/sanantonio.


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