“Friends of Emilia” Support Boston Walk through Personal Tragedy

August 13, 2013
emilia danyelle diguardia NICU photo

Danyelle watches over Emilia in the NICU.

Emilia DiGuardia was born on the afternoon of Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 29 weeks gestation weighing just 1 lb 11 oz due to preeclampsia. As tiny as she was, she cried a loud-yet-squeaky call to the world that Emilia Marie DiGuardia was here, and she was here to leave her mark.

Emilia spent 13 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston fighting for her life and watched over by her loving parents Danyelle & Christopher. Over the course of these 13 days they were able to cheer for their little champion; at every visit to see her, Danyelle & Chris were always amazed at how well she fought. She was a feisty little girl who captured all the hearts of those with whom she came in contact.

Unfortunately, Emilia’s story does not have a classic “happy ending.” A phone call in the early hours of July 2, 2010 alerted the family that something was wrong. In a matter of hours, Emilia was gone.

“The tiniest feet can leave indelible footprints on our world. We are committed to sharing our daughter’s legacy with that world.”~ Danyelle DiGuardia

Emilia made a strong mark on the world in those precious 13 days. Her family and friends are committed to keeping that mark strong and true through their support as the 2013 Boston Promise Walk Mission Family.

“Unaware of preeclampsia and what it meant during my first pregnancy, I was grateful to have the resource of the Foundation available during my second pregnancy, which was again complicated by preeclampsia,” Danyelle said. Luckily for the DiGuardia family, knowledge of the condition and careful monitoring allowed her son to be delivered safely at 35 weeks. The DiGuardia family emphasizes that they are committed to sharing their daughter’s legacy with the world by improving the chances of babies like her through awareness and education.


The DiGuardia family will lead the way with Team “Friends of Emilia.”

Their team “Friends of Emilia” led by Danyelle, Christopher and Emilia’s little brother and sister will be kicking off the Boston Promise Walk at DCR’s Chestnut Hill Reservoir on September 15, 2013. Onsite registration & check-in start at 1 PM, with a short program that will include Emilia’s story at 1:30 pm.

You can join the DiGuardia’s commitment to helping other babies like Emilia by starting or joining a team at



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