Top 3 Reasons to Register Early

January 27, 2014

ImageIt’s that time of year again: registration is open and Promise Walk supporters are gearing up to “Make Strides and Deliver Hope!” Many walkers wait till late in the season to register their teams, but here are 3 GREAT reasons to get your registrations in today.

(1) You are guaranteed a t-shirt. EVERY pre-registered participant at the Promise Walk receives a t-shirt as a benefit of their registration fee. And, your $20 adult/$10 kid registration fee counts toward your fundraising total!

(2) You have more time to convince friends and family to join your team. Every participant receives their own unique URL to share, and with the quick click of the “Join Our Team” button on your page, your loved ones can join you for some fresh spring air! There is nothing better than spending some quality time together as a family. Strollers and kids of all ages especially encouraged!

(3) You are guaranteed to make a bigger difference to our mission. Participants who registered before March 1, 2013 raised almost 4 times as much on average as those who registered after March 1. $50 means 100 women who will be empowered by our patient education materials… but $200 would mean 400 families who know the signs and symptoms. What an impact! Plus, we have AMAZING new incentive prizes at the $250, $500, $1000 and $2500 individual fundraising levels.

Come make strides today!


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