Top Tips from Top Fundraisers

February 4, 2014

You can have one of these too! Register today at http://www.promisewalk.org.

Did you know that every single Promise Walk for Preeclampsia participant receives their own, unique fundraising page? The page is there to tell your story. To share pictures of your experience with preeclampsia, eclampsia & HELLP. To remember the loved ones that we have lost to this terrible condition.

But did you also know that customizing your page and sharing your own story can have a direct impact on your fundraising goal too? By taking the time to customize your walk page, you are making an investment in this cause to connect with others and their stories. You are helping put a face to the cause. And most importantly, you are helping to convince others that their support of you and your story matters!

Our Top 10 Fundraisers of 2013 all share a few things in common, including using their story to encourage giving. A few other tips we recommend:

  1. Be persistent. Make regular asks of your friends, family and colleague, as you never know when they may be in a place to give.
  2. Make wide-spread appeals. Share your story by email, Facebook, in-person, by phone. Consider the normal way that you are connected to that individual and tailor your ask to the way that they prefer.
  3. Think outside the box. Ask for support from your office team or local businesses that you frequent. Organize a coin collection at your kids’ school.

What is even better is that now http://www.promisewalk.org has been optimized for mobile and tablet devices, making it even easier for your friends and family to donate directly! These days, almost everything we do is on our mobile device and with growing emphasis on larger, more readable screens and improved security technology, our mobile phones and tablets have become an extension of ourselves.

Plus, in 2013, 43% of visitors came to http://www.promisewalk.org via a mobile or tablet device.

So now when you send out emails with your fundraising links asking for support, your friends can click directly using their mobile device and easily make that important donation.

Register today at www.promisewalk.org and start fundraising!


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