Becoming A Preeclampsia Foundation Volunteer

February 11, 2014

Why Volunteer?

977709_470334059713217_1019885473_oWhen a lead Promise Walk coordinator says that he or she needs volunteers, many people immediately gulp and say “oh no; not me. I don’t have that kind of time/talent.” But what you may not know is that the Promise Walk requires a large variety of volunteers: from one-time volunteers who have an hour to give; to graphic designers who create posters;  to moms and dads who put up a flyer as they go grocery shopping.

Most importantly, volunteers are the HEART of the Preeclampsia Foundation and the work that we do as a patient-advocacy organization. Last year, volunteers for the Foundation reported over 6,000 volunteer hours, meaning volunteers saved the Foundation over $150,000 in direct costs. Every Hour Counts!

How to Volunteer

The first step if you are interested in volunteering is to fill out a Volunteer Application with the Preeclampsia Foundation. You will then be connected with other volunteers in your geographic area who are fulfilling the Foundation’s mission. If there are not any other volunteers in your area, we will let you know about virtual ways that you can help. Or, contact your local walk coordinator directly and ask how you could be of service.

As well, be sure to follow the Foundation’s Facebook page so you can use your networks to share out important education and awareness messages.

Using YOUR Specific Talents & Time

The most important thing to remember is that every little bit helps. Every time that you are in your community, talking about being a part of this cause, you are contributing to preeclampsia awareness.

Have 1 hour a year to give? Attend the set-up of your local walk. Put up tables, set up raffle items, and welcome participants.

Have 1 hour a month to give? Ask you local walk coordinator about taking some local flyers and putting them up around your community. Or, make it a point to share out your local Promise Walk on your Facebook page each month.

Have 1 hour a week to give? Volunteer on the local planning committee. Send out letters to sponsors. Create awareness videos. Host a one-time supporting fundraiser to support your team. Talk to local health care providers about the need for patient education.

And most importantly, register for a local walk today at http://www.promisewalk.org and start building a team!


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