Not a Walk Near You? Join the Virtual Walk

February 18, 2014

PromiseWalk2013-1160-2547993964-OLast year, the Preeclampsia Foundation began the inaugural “Virtual Promise Walk for Preeclampsia” (www.promisewalk.org/virtual) for the many communities across the country (and the world!) where families wanted to make an impact but had no walk location close to them. It was a resounding success, raising $10,000 for the cause with just seven teams. This year, communities in Erie, Penn., Las Vegas, Nev., St. Louis, Miss., and more will be forming virtual teams and taking part in this fun electronic event!

To participate in the Virtual Promise Walk, all you have to do is register JUST like you would for a regular walk. Your $20 adult registration fee will go 100% toward our national goal to raise $440,000 toward lifesaving research and education for all pregnant women with no overhead. You will get your own fundraising page to share your story and encourage others to join your team or give a donation in your honor before May as Preeclampsia Awareness Month.

On Mother’s Day 2014 or any other day in May, go to your local park, mall or other outdoor location and walk in solidarity with all the walks across the nation happening in May. Talk to people about your experience and let them know that you are walking in solidarity with thousands of others across the country!

Or maybe, set a goal to walk, run or bike 76 miles for the 76,000 moms who lose their lives to preeclampsia each year worldwide. (Your cardiologist will thank us!) Or vow that you will raise $500 for the 500,000 babies we lose each year, and in exchange you will wear a giant hat for a week. Or, don’t walk at all, but take time to reflect that you have helped save the lives of women and their babies by taking part.

Plus, all virtual walkers will receive a 2014 Promise Walk button to wear proudly. Whatever you do to raise awareness in your local community, do it BOLDLY and with the spirit of our whole community behind you. And who knows… maybe your efforts will spawn a walk in YOUR community in 2014!
Create a virtual team today at www.promisewalk.org/virtual.

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