“New Walk” Wednesday: Raising Awareness in Culpeper, VA

March 12, 2014

webster_familyIn late September of 2013, the Foundation was contacted by an interested volunteer from a small community in northern Virginia, who was eager to make a difference in her town of Culpeper, VA.

“We do every other walk here [in our community] but I have yet to see the Promise Walk, which is disappointing to me,” Tricia Webster explained. “I want to be a spokesperson to help bring awareness to this awful disease.” She was determined to make a Promise Walk happen in the small community to recognize the experience of so many other individuals.

3 years ago, Tricia was just 2 days shy of 32 weeks, when she started not feeling “right.” Her fiance Dante rushed her to the hospital, where things went from bad to worse, as Tricia began hemorrhaging and the nurse could not longer find a heartbeat for their unborn son. She was taken back for an immediate emergency c-section.

“My first words when I came to were ‘Where’s my baby?'” said Tricia. “Instead I heard ‘We’re sorry Ms. Kline; he didn’t make it.’ At that point I didn’t care anymore. It was too late. I thought, just let me die.”

Tricia’s life was still in serious danger too: she had suffered a placental abruption, her kidneys were failing and she needed platelet and blood transfusions. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Her recovery took months, and the second time around with her next pregnancy, a little boy named Micah, she and her doctors were on top of managing her care. Thankfully, Tricia and Micah both came home safe.

Fast forward six months and Tricia and her volunteer community in Culpeper are moving forward at lightspeed, with over $1500 raised. The walk has been generously supported by the Culpeper walk’s “Delivering Hope” level sponsors Country Chevrolet (Warrenton, VA), Wilderness Center Pharmacy (Locust Grove, VA), Battlefield Firearms (Locust Grove, VA) and K-Line Contracting Kitchen and Bath (Culpeper, VA).

“The impact that our Culpeper community can have is more awareness and education,” Tricia said. “Since I have started doing this, more and more women are speaking up about preeclampsia and sharing their personal stories with me. My teams and volunteers are doing a great job so far with their ideas and helping with our local walk and I can’t wait to see how our first season is going to turn out. Everything I do for awareness is for Noah and that’s how I keep him with me. Through every negative, there is a positive!”

You can join Tricia, Dante & Micah as they lead the Culpeper, VA Promise Walk for Preeclampsia on May 31, 2014 at Eastern View High School Track and Field by registering at www.promisewalk.org/culpeper.


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