Eclampsia Survivor Joins the Walk to Raise Awareness in Kansas City

May 21, 2014

Kansas_city_WeaverFamilyThe summer of 2009 was flying by for  Meghan Weaver: she was the director of the colorguard unit at a local high school and they were finishing up band camp the first week of August.  It was her first pregnancy.  For the past month or so, Meghan’s ankles were swollen, but she didn’t think much of it, as she thought it was just a normal pregnancy symptom and she had been out in the heat for band practices.

On Thursday, August 6th, Meghan had a routine checkup.  The nurse noticed her protein levels in the urine were a little elevated, along with her blood pressure.  They ordered Meghan to do a 24 hour urine test, just to be safe.  They never mentioned being worried that she was developing preeclampsia.

Over the weekend, Meghan developed an extreme headache that wouldn’t go away even with medicine.  Instead of calling the doctor, she thought she would just tough it out and wait till the urine test results came back on Tuesday.

By Tuesday morning, Meghan had started having some unusual difficulties: the shower was running, but she stood there, unable to remember what to do. She managed to get to work, but her father, for whom she worked, immediately noticed something was very wrong. HE too her blood pressure and the numbers shocked him. He took it again to be sure.

Meghan’s blood pressure was in the 190s over 140s. He had her call her doctor and drove her immediately to her doctor’s office.

By the time they got there, Meghan could barely walk and the nurses had to get her a wheelchair.  They then called the lab to get the urine test results.  Meghan was told that they flag it at 300 – her results were over 3,000!  A nurse immediately wheeled Meghan to the hospital across the street.

The next thing Meghan knew, she was in the ICU and that’s the last thing she remembered. Meghan had three grand mal, code blue seizures.  The doctors immediately performed a c-section in attempts to save Meghan’s life and the life of her daughter, Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Weaver was delivered at 29 weeks through emergency c-section within 15 minutes of arriving at the hospital.  She weighed in at 2 pounds 9 ounces.  The doctors worked hard to get Meghan’s blood pressure under control.  Meghan spent 4 days in the ICU, and a total of 11 days in the hospital.  Through numerous tests, the doctors also found Meghan had Peripartum Cardiomyopathy.

Happily, Meghan and Mackenzie survived, with Mackenzie spending 5 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Meghan realizes how fortunate she is to have survived.  To have gone from a normal pregnancy, to preeclampsia and then to eclampsia within a week or less and to make it out healthy was a blessing.  If Meghan had not listened to her body, everything could have easily turned out worse.

This is the first year the Weavers have participated with the Kansas City, MO Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.

“I want to share my story, and if it helps just one woman and her family, then everything I went through will have all been worth it,” said Meghan.  The Weavers are the Mission Family for the 2014 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Kansas City on Saturday, May 31: join them by visiting www.promisewalk.org/KansasCity.


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