Powell Family Makes Strides for Atlanta-Metro Walk

May 22, 2015

The pregnancy story of 2015 Atlanta, GA Promise Walk Mission Family Buddy and Brittney Powell begins much like any other: excitement and anticipation for their coming baby! Unfortunately for Brittney, her pregnancy took a difficult turn. Here is their story in Buddy’s own words:

Brittney_birth_announcementSnow Jam 2014 brought more than just the excitement of snow… we were going to be parents! Although we could hardly contain our excitement of becoming parents, we decided to wait until we were twelve weeks to share our news with our family and friends.

The beginning of our pregnancy was a breeze! We sailed right through the first five months with no morning sickness or any signs of what was to come in our future. Unfortunately, the “smooth sailing” ended during week 26 of our pregnancy. During a routine check-up, Brittney’s blood pressure was elevated, which caused a great concern among her group of Ob doctors. After a few hours of being monitored at the hospital, Brittney was sent home… but not for long!

At a follow-up appointment a few days later, Brittney’s blood pressure was elevated once again. We were sent to labor and delivery at the hospital, where Brittney was diagnosed with the dreaded preeclampsia. For the next three weeks, she was on bed rest and monitored closely. Soon, her protein levels skyrocketed and we expected her to deliver any day. By God’s grace, her protein levels decreased and her blood pressure leveled itself. Needless to say, her doctors were amazed! Brittney was released to come home on two conditions… complete bed rest and a low sodium diet.

After being home only two weeks, Brittney suffered severe indigestion and vomiting.  On September 3, 2014, in the wee hours of the morning, we arrived at the hospital and the decision was made to deliver our baby boy via emergency c-section. Our parents arrived just as Brittney was taken to the operating room. Due to the severity of Brittney’s case, I was not allowed to be with Brittney in the operating room. I had to wait outside the operating room for what seemed like a lifetime.

pike_powell_nicu2Forty minutes later, our son, Pike Brown Powell, entered this world. He was immediately taken to the NICU and intubated due to breathing difficulties. At three pounds one ounce, his tiny body was not ready to function on its own. As the doctors worked to stabilize Pike, my wife- Pike’s mommy- had her own fight for her life. Her blood platelets had dropped to dangerously low levels.

After two grueling days on magnesium, she recovered and was finally able to see our precious son, Pike, for the first time. He was on a ventilator for ten long days and his weight decreased to two pounds seven ounces. He slowly gained strength, and after seventy days in the NICU our sweet baby Pike was discharged to come home with oxygen and a monitor!

After being home two months, we were able to celebrate Pike no longer needing the extra oxygen.

The Powell family is celebrating their joy at Pike’s good health by raising awareness of preeclampsia at the May 30, 2015 Atlanta-metro Promise Walk for Preeclampsia (www.promisewalk.org/AtlantaGA). We encourage you to join them!


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