5 Ideas for Your Team’s Supporting Fundraiser

June 3, 2015

Raleigh2Didn’t quite hit your team goal yet? Fundraising does not have to be all about asking people for individual donations by email or in person! Consider some of these fun and creative supporting fundraiser ideas to raise additional dollars toward your team goal. The Promise Walk fundraising season runs through August 31, 2015, so there’s still time!

  1. Restaurant Night or Dinner Party: Invite everyone over for a dinner/dessert, and ask them to make a donation equal to what they would have paid for a dinner/dessert at a local restaurant. Or, contact a local restaurant who may also be willing to make their facilities available for a fundraiser and do a % of their sales for the day to the cause.
  2. Percent of Sales: Speaking of, ask local merchants if they will donate a percentage of their sales on a specific day to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Father’s Day, perhaps, to celebrate the guys in our lives?
  3. Community Block Sale: Get your contacts to donate their gently used goods to an outdoor group sale, with all proceeds going to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Ask people who have just held garage sales to donate what didn’t sell to your sale and advertise your sale in the local paper.
  4. Bake/Snack Sales: Buy healthy snacks and other items at wholesale price and sell them at work at regular price. Pay yourself back the cost of the items and the rest goes to your fundraising goal!
  5. 50/50 Drawing: Sell tickets and the winner gets half of the money received while you get the other half.

Visit www.preeclampsia.org/make-a-difference/fundraising for more great ideas or contact your local walk coordinator!


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