5 Programs You Funded Through Promise Walk Giving

July 27, 2015

We’re nearing the end of our 2015 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia season so let’s take the time to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. With only $10,000 left to hit our national goal (you can still donate at www.promisewalk.org), it gives us a great time to reflect on exactly what $490,000+ accomplishes in our mission. Here are just a few programs that would not happen without the funds raised by the Promise Walk:


(1) The Continuum of Care Healthcare Provider Outreach program. Our staff travels across the United States to meet with thousands of doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and other allied healthcare providers to provide lifesaving, low-cost education materials. Not only does this program help educate providers about the importance of educating patients, it raises vital awareness of the Foundation and its services.


(2) The www.preeclampsia.org website. While the educational value of our website may seem obvious, we can never consider the job done. Websites, and the way that people like to receive information, is ever-changing, and it’s up to us to make sure they find what they need. This year, we have continued our work in mobile optimization (since 2/3 of our visitors come from mobile devices) and in Spanish translation to serve patients from around the world.


(3) Our Patient Education Materials program. With great support from state-wide initiatives like the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative and the New York State Department of Health, we have distributed more than 240,000 pieces in the first half of 2015. Not only does Promise Walk funding help us to underwrite the production cost of these materials to keep them affordable for healthcare providers, but also to develop new materials. Our goal is to make sure there is NO barrier to providing pregnant women credible, lifesaving education.


(4) Perinatal Quality Improvement programs. Speaking of state-wide initiatives: we currently serve on multiple task forces on state and national levels to decrease maternal illness and death. Many of these programs are state-level collaboratives that share best practices to improve the quality of care in hundreds of hospitals right in your communities. As active participants on these collaborative programs, the Preeclampsia Foundation shares YOUR stories and insists on education guidelines to ensure that patients consistently get the best care and information possible.


(5) The Promise Walk events in your local community. The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia event is the number one awareness tool that we use to educate local communities about the impact of preeclampsia. 62% of the 5,000 participants in this year’s walk were first-time participants, all of whom learned more about preeclampsia’s impact from their participation in the event. A percentage of Promise Walk funding goes back into ensuring that the volunteers in our community are well-supported with training, tools, insurance, and supplies. Our volunteers deserve this support in all the work they do and the funds they help raise for the Foundation. With the average value of a volunteer hour estimated at $23.05, the 5,500 hours reported in 2015 have saved the Foundation $127,000… money that we can redirect to tools, training and outreach.

While this is only a fraction of the work the Foundation does; none of it would be possible without the amazing support of those of you who give, participate, and volunteer. THANK YOU!


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