2016 Official Team T-Shirt Available to Order

January 27, 2016


As part of the changes we are making in 2016, the Preeclampsia Foundation is now making an official 2016 Promise Walk Team T-Shirt available for purchase by our Team Captains! Not only will your team now get more choice of sizes (including ladies’ fit) and colors, the new program means that you can have your team’s name customized in the font of your choice on the back of the shirt. What a great way to show your Promise Walk team spirit!


Even better, the shirts will be shipped to you in advance of the walk, so you can start much earlier in showing off proudly what an important part of our mission you are! Orders and payment must be finalized to HeadsUp Apparel 4 weeks before your walk event date to ensure production and shipping time. Our new shirt program is a badge of honor and recognition to the work of you and your team for this cause: the brave women, men and children, who are out there sharing your stories and educating others through the work you do to support the walk. We want these shirts to be something that you and the rest of your team want to wear over and over again to raise even greater awareness of preeclampsia’s impact in your community. By moving the shirt to a purchase option, you also help us refocus the dollars we formerly spent on t-shirts back on our primary mission of education, research and awareness. Proceeds from the shirts will go back to the local Promise Walks.

Download the Team T-shirt Order Form​​

The awareness of preeclampsia that you spread saves lives! Thanks for supporting other families who have been affected by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, eclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.


Our 2016 design. The design will be white on your choice of colored shirt.

The 2016 T-shirt (front) design is meant to convey our vision of a world where preeclampsia no longer threatens the lives of moms and babies. Every single participant in the walk makes strides toward that vision, where no family has to experience loss and heartache during their pregnancy experience. The Promise Walk promises that one day we will get EVERY mom and baby safely from pregnancy to postpartum. We hope that it inspires you too!



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  1. I have Ordered A Shirt and Where do I send the Money Too.I have Ordered the Safety Pink T Shirt in Large, with my name on it, Dawn Duncan with Little Pink Feet on shirt. Please send Me A Reply on My Facebook messenger, My Email is AwesomeAngel0717@yahoo.com, or you can text me on my Cell at (205) 422-0811, Thanks.

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