Have you ordered your 2016 team t-shirts?

March 23, 2016
Guest blog post by Robyn Van Hollen, Heads Up Apparel
You have been building your 2016 Promise Walk team: now it’s time to think about ordering the official 2016 Promise Walk Team T-Shirts. At Heads Up, we have partnered with the Preeclampsia Foundation to develop the official 2016 shirt that can be customized with your team’s name on the back.  You choose the color of the shirts and the sizes.  It’s a great way to show your Promise Walk team spirit and a portion of every shirt ordered benefits the Preeclampsia Foundation.  It’s a win-win!2016PromiseWalkTshirtsVisual

First of all, ask your team members if they would like a shirt so you can gather information on the quantity and sizes you will need. You can collect your team’s payment in advance to make the ordering process simple.

Then, download the official 2016 Promise Walk Team T-Shirt order form to get started. The shirts will be shipped to you in advance of the walk, so you can distribute them to your team.  Orders and payment must be finalized to Heads Up Apparel 4 weeks before your walk event date to ensure production and shipping time.

Heads Up is honored to be working with the Preeclampsia Foundation to provide these team shirts as we have been personally touched by the disorder.  We want these shirts to be something that you and the rest of your team want to wear over and over again to raise even greater awareness of preeclampsia’s impact in your community.

Any questions, contact me, robyn@headsupapparel.com or 847-322-0024.


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