Team Bangel Celebrates in Indianapolis

February 14, 2017

Erin Bangel (center in black jacket) with her whole team at the 2016 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.

Erin Bangel has an especially sweet way that she came to be deeply involved with the Indianapolis, IN Promise Walk for Preeclampsia – taking over as the lead coordinator for the 2015 walk after attending as a participant at the 2014 event. Since then, her Team Bangel has consistently been one of the largest and top fundraising teams at the Indianapolis event as she has continued to volunteer as the lead walk coordinator.

Team Bangel are incredibly proud to “make strides and deliver hope”! Here’s how they got involved:

How did your family and team first get involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation?

I delivered with preeclampsia at 27 weeks in February of 2014. Thankfully, my son and I made it, but like with many families, it was an incredibly emotional experience. My sister was living in California at the time and attended the California Bay Area Promise Walk. She quickly searched for the Indianapolis one, registered us, and Team Bangel was formed! We have been volunteering with the Preeclampsia Foundation and the Promise Walk ever since!

Why is raising awareness and supporting research for preeclampsia so important to you?

It is very important to me to raise awareness because I believe it is not talked about enough. I read prenatal books, attended all of my appointments, and had great prenatal care, but I did not recognize the minimal symptoms that I had. My symptoms began at 26 weeks, and by 27 weeks I had to deliver.
How has the Promise Walk and the Preeclampsia Foundation helped you and your family as you moved through your experience?
The Preeclampsia Foundation helped answer a ton of questions for me that other people, even my healthcare providers, could not answer. I found a wealth of information regarding recovery and future health concerns as well as signs and symptoms that I was not aware of. The Indianapolis Promise Walk for Preeclampsia has helped my family and I because we are able to volunteer and give back. It is also a time for us to meet other families who have been through similar situations. Some of those survivors have become lifelong friends.

What would you say to people who are NOT currently participating in the walk to get them involved?

To those of you who are not involved : REGISTER NOW to join us at www.promisewalk.org/Indianapolis! Not only is is FUN and a great time with your family, it is a wonderful way for survivors to reflect and celebrate how far they have come and to remember and pray for those whose lives were lost. I guarantee a fun day for all! (Plus – is it free!)

Erin (bottom left) with the labor and delivery healthcare team that helped to save the lives of her and her son when she delivered at 27 weeks.



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