Team Josie Walks in Memory of their Precious Baby Girl

March 7, 2017
Like many families, Patricia Sweigart and her loved ones came to the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia under the worst circumstances – the loss of their precious baby girl Josie. They are back at this year’s event because they are passionate that no more families should face the same hardship.
There’s also happy news on the horizon for them in 2017!

1.How did your family and team first get involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation?
Our daughter, Josephine, was delivered at 28 weeks because of preeclampsia in March 2016.  Josie passed away after 18 days after getting an infection.  It was important to us to participate in the Promise Walk in remembrance of Josie.

2.Why is raising awareness and supporting research for preeclampsia so important to you?
It is important to us that we help as many mothers and babies have successful pregnancies.  Preeclampsia is a very serious condition that is not talked about enough.  It is also important to us because we are expecting a boy due around the time of this year’s walk.  Gray is due in June and there is a good chance that preeclampsia will cause an early delivery again.

3.How has the Promise Walk and the Preeclampsia Foundation helped you and your family as you moved through your experience?
The Promise Walk helped us with healing right after we lost Josie.  The Promise Walk is a good way for us to remember Josie.  We are very honored to be a part of the Promise Walk and help any families affected by this condition.

4.What would you say to people who are NOT currently participating in the walk to get them involved?
The walk is a great way to be involved and support a family member or a friend or a neighbor that has been affected by preeclampsia.  Preeclampsia affects a lot of pregnancies.  It is a great way to honor the mothers and babies affected by preeclampsia.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your story.

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