Carly’s Crew Walks in Dallas/Ft. Worth to Raise Preeclampsia Awareness

March 14, 2017
This Tuesday, we’re featuring Carly’s Crew from the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.  Kristin Carpenter, pictured above, talks about her involvement with the Preeclampsia Foundation and why she is raising awareness:

1. How did your family and team get involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation?  I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia in June 2016 and needed support while dealing with the condition.
2. Why is raising awareness and supporting research for preeclampsia important to you? Now more than ever I want to raise awareness because it is important that other women know the signs and symptoms.  Sometimes you don’t know you have symptoms, which was the case for me.  I believe that raising awareness is important because too many women and babies lose their lives to preeclampsia.
3. How has the Promise Walk and the Preeclampsia Foundation helped you and your family as you moved through your experience?The foundation has helped support me during pregnancy and during postpartum especially with helping me cope with anxiety.
4. What would you say to people who are NOT currently participating in the walk to get them involved?  We need to raise awareness so that we can continue to do research on this condition and educate women on the signs and symptoms of this serious condition as well as show support for millions of mothers and their babies who are impacted by preeclampsia.
You can join Kristin and other families like hers at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Promise Walk for Preeclampsia on Saturday, May 20, 2017 by registering a team at www.promisewalk.org/Dallas.

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