The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia Comes to Cincinnati, Ohio

March 15, 2017

Lauren Doud Cincinnati OH

In 2016, Lauren Doud attended a Promise Walk for Preeclampsia in Indianapolis, Indiana. After here experience there, she decided to start a walk to bring preeclampsia awareness to the Cincinnati, Ohio community.

How did you come to be involved with the Promise Walks?   I was looking for a support system after losing my son to preeclampsia in 2013. A Google search came up with the Preeclampsia Foundation and I learned about the Promise Walks but the closest one was in Indianapolis, 2 hours away. I finally got to go to my first one there last year, in 2016.

Why did you decide to start/take over a Promise Walk in your local community?   After attending the Indianapolis walk, I was inspired to start one in Cincinnati. After working with the Preeclampsia Foundation staff, my husband and I realized that doing the walk could be a possibility. I just feel very strongly that our community needs more awareness and support for preeclampsia survivors, and we have several large hospital chains, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, that could partner with us.

What was your experience with preeclampsia?   In February of 2013, I had to give birth to my son Peter at 24 weeks because my body was starting to shut down due to severe preeclampsia. 2 days later, my son died in the NICU from IUGR and lung problems. I am confident that I would not be here if not for the quick action and expertise of my maternal-fetal doctor. I went on to have a second son David, who is now 2 years old, narrowly missing preeclampsia.

What is your hope/dream for this year’s walk?  I hope that this walk will get people in the area talking about preeclampsia, especially those in healthcare, and get a community of families together to support each other and newly diagnosed patients.

What is a favorite memory of past walks that you’ve attended?  The balloon release in honor of those who have passed meant a lot to me since my son is no longer with us.

What is special about your walk and your community?  Our walk is special because we live in a town that is anchored by a top 3 children’s hospital in the country (Cincinnati Children’s Hopsital). There are a lot of opportunities to partner with local health care providers. We have several strong maternal-fetal practices here and level 3 NICU’s. Cincinnati is also a very family friendly town. We have chosen a beautiful park, Glenwood Gardens, for our walk venue and it is a safe, walk/run only course with several options for length.

If you live in the Cincinnati area and would like to join Lauren on May 20, 2017 at the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia, register at www.promisewalk.org/cincinnati.


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