Meet Sara Gauthier, National Events Manager

March 20, 2017

HeadshotThis week, we’re spotlighting one of our staff members.  We’re pleased to announce that Sara Gauthier, who has worked with the Preeclampsia Foundation since 2014 as the Donor Relations Coordinator, has been promoted to the position of National Events Manager for the Promise Walk for PreeclampsiaTM.  Our Director of Communications and Marketing, Debbie Helton, sat down with Sara to find out what makes her passionate about this cause and her plans for the Promise Walk.

Debbie:  Congratulations, Sara, on your new role here at the Preeclampsia Foundation.

Sara:  Thank you Debbie.  I’m so thrilled to be working with our amazing group of volunteers, sponsors, and donors through the Promise Walk event.

Debbie:  What makes you passionate about working with the Preeclampsia Foundation?

My journey with the Preeclampsia Foundation has been an interesting one.  When I was hired, I was a recently divorced stay-at-home mom just trying to get back into the workforce.  I was brought in as an Administrative Assistant, but I didn’t feel connected to the mission of the organization; I hadn’t experienced preeclampsia with either of my pregnancies.  It bothered me a lot that I felt that disconnect.

Once I transitioned into the role of the Donor Relations Coordinator, I felt a lot more connected to the organization because I want our donors to feel valued and appreciated, and that their dollars and support are making a difference.  I also started to learn more about people’s stories and the heartbreak and loss surrounding this disease.  Being in the role I was, I was often the first person to hear about a families’ loss of a mom or a baby and it was tremendously heart wrenching.

Then, about a year ago, I was diagnosed with lupus, which is considered one of the mystery medical illnesses in that they aren’t sure what causes it or how to cure it.  Preeclampsia is also a medical mystery.  Through my journey with lupus, I’m feeling a new, much deeper connection to this cause and mission.  I think that I’m in a better place of understanding how women feel with a sudden diagnosis and the fear and uncertainty about the long-term effects…of wanting to be around for your children, to see their future.  By no means am I comparing my experience with the preeclampsia journey, because they are different, but I feel like I can truly relate to what our survivors are going through.  Just a deeper understanding, a deeper bond to the people who are a part of this cause.

Debbie:  What unique qualities will you bring to the role of the National Events Manager?

I have an extensive background in training, so working with and coaching our walk coordinators and team captains will be a lot of fun and a natural choice for me.  I’m a very positive person, so spreading that enthusiasm through the Promise Walk events is my goal.  I want people to recognize that although I am so positive and upbeat, that I do take my new role very seriously as well.  I want everyone to feel valued and to know that they matter.

From my first day at the Preeclampsia Foundation, the leadership of our organization has been wondering where to put me to best utilize the wide variety of skills I have.  I feel like the National Events Manager role is “home” to me.  I finally fit exactly where I belong.  And I’m so thrilled to get started!


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