Team Conner Walks in the Bay Area to Inform Others of Preeclampsia

April 4, 2017

Lisa Gadsby Team Connor San Fran

Lisa Gadsby and her team, Team Conner, walk in memory of her son at the San Francisco Bay Area Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.  Her hopes are that by raising awareness, others can be more informed about the signs and symptoms of preeclampsia.

How did your family and team first get involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation? 

We came across the Preeclampsia Foundation website when seeking information about preeclampsia. In September 2016, at 24 weeks pregnant with our first child, I developed severe preeclampsia. Our son Conner was delivered 4 days later. Sadly, he passed away two days later due to complications of a very premature delivery.

Why is raising awareness and supporting research for preeclampsia so important to you?

It’s important because, as we came to realize, there is still a lot that is unknown about the exact cause(s) of preeclampsia. Also, it is much more common than we ever knew. We want to raise awareness in hopes that others may be better informed of the signs and symptoms, to raise funds for more research, and to let others know that they are not alone.

How has the Promise Walk and the Preeclampsia Foundation helped you and your family as you moved through your experience?

It has helped us to educate ourselves and also to direct our friends and family to where they can get more information, because they had questions too, and we didn’t always have the energy and strength to explain it to people at the time. Joining the Promise Walk has given us hope and comfort through other’s shared experiences. It is something positive we can do to honor Conner’s memory.

What would you say to people who are NOT currently participating in the walk to get them involved?

I would want them to know that there are many families out there who have been impacted by preeclampsia, but it’s not something people readily talk about. Participating in the walk is a great way to promote education and awareness and support continued research. It’s a great cause and if you don’t have a walk near you (or can’t/don’t want to walk) you can be a virtual walker!


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