Want to be thanked with some awesome items?

April 7, 2017

We are incredibly excited to announce the new 2017 Promise Walk Recognition Program! This year, we have a great set of awesome items to thank YOU for all you do to support the mission of preeclampsia education and awareness.


This year, claiming your recognition items will be easier than ever! You will receive a redemption certificate for your level via email approximately 2 weeks after the event. All donations must be turned in at this time. You will then be able to electronically claim the item of your choice (note, gifts are not cumulative this year). Be sure that if you receive any donations via check that you send them into our home office using the donation collection form or turn them in on the day of the event to your walk coordinator. Certificates must be redeemed within 4 weeks of your receiving them.

Additionally, don’t forget to customize your fundraising page and encourage people to give via online methods. That way, you can be recognized as one of our top fundraisers at the walk event with your full team and individual totals!

Every step you take gathering support helps us make a difference in the lives of families affected by preeclampsia everywhere.


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