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Join us for a Thunderclap for World Preeclampsia Day on May 22, 2017!

May 10, 2017


May is National Preeclampsia Awareness Month here in the United States, but this year, the Preeclampsia Foundation is pleased to cosponsor the first-ever World Preeclampsia Day with @BabyCenter, Ending Eclampsia/USAID, ISSHP & PRE-EMPT.   Let’s make our message heard worldwide by joining our Thunderclap on May 22 at 8am Eastern Standard Time!

What’s a Thunderclap you ask???   Social media is an easy way to say something, but it’s a difficult way to be heard. A Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together.  When the “thunder” strikes, a single message is mass-shared by everyone who joined, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks and spreads awareness quickly.

JOIN IN AND SHARE: #worldpreeclampsiaday


Meet our Director of Development, Sean Farrell

May 5, 2017

Sean Farrell B&W

The Preeclampsia Foundation is thrilled to announce the newest member of our team – Director of Development, Sean Farrell. With over a decade of experience in fundraising, program management, and community investment initiatives, Sean’s primary focus is growing a culture of philanthropy with current and prospective donors, board members, volunteers, and survivors across the country.

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Meet Sara Gauthier, National Events Manager

March 20, 2017

HeadshotThis week, we’re spotlighting one of our staff members.  We’re pleased to announce that Sara Gauthier, who has worked with the Preeclampsia Foundation since 2014 as the Donor Relations Coordinator, has been promoted to the position of National Events Manager for the Promise Walk for PreeclampsiaTM.  Our Director of Communications and Marketing, Debbie Helton, sat down with Sara to find out what makes her passionate about this cause and her plans for the Promise Walk.

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Big changes in 2016: No more registration fee!

January 5, 2016

1270482_806846229328426_8278828452109080009_oThe 2016 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia season is officially kicked off and our volunteers and supporters are already hard at work to hit our $550,000 goal! We have over 40 amazing sites where you can come together with other families who care about moms and babies to “Make Strides and Deliver Hope.”

The BIG change in 2016 is that we have completely done away with registration fees for our Promise Walk events. The Preeclampsia Foundation wants there to be no barriers for anyone to come raise awareness and funds for a great cause. This year, let’s make record numbers in participation and fundraising!

We are asking that you:

  1. Register early at (No event near you? Form a virtual team!)
  2. Customize your individual and team donation pages with your story.
  3. Make a meaningful gift to your own team.
  4. Ask friends and family to make a donation to you and your team.
  5. Show off your status as a VIP supporter through our awesome incentive items!

To get you started, here’s a Team Captain’s Welcome Guide with great tips on how to become the best team in the nation! Start your team today.

The Promise Walk is an awareness-raising fundraiser, and the dollars you help to bring in are the means by which we make a difference in the lives of moms, dads, babies and the families that are affected by hypertension in pregnancy. Our end goal? A world where preeclampsia no longer threatens the lives of moms and babies. For more details on how your donation dollars are used, you can visit the Preeclampsia Foundation’s Finance page.

*Note: some Promise Walk for Preeclampsia events also have certified 5K runs scheduled on the same day and location. A minimal registration fee is required for all participants to sign up for events that include a 5K run.


A Tribute to Our Volunteers

April 24, 2013

volunteersNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead

Many words come to mind when describing a volunteer: devoted, inspiring, passionate. But those words feel pale & generic when faced with the deep motivation and strength that makes up the members of the Preeclampsia Foundation’s volunteer core.

Volunteers come to our Foundation for many different reasons: mourning the loss of a loved one. Mourning the loss of that “perfect” pregnancy experience. Celebrating their gratitude in having a new life. Honoring a loved one’s experience which they can only hope to never personally understand.

But they stay for one overwhelming reason. It is their desire that no woman & no family, should feel as alone, insecure and frightened as one does when faced with an overwhelming health crisis like preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome or eclampsia. From improving prenatal education to engaging with health care providers to supporting families after their preeclampsia experience, our volunteers are a family who support impacted families through every step of the journey!

This week many organizations are celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week, but words are simply not sufficient to describe why we love our volunteers, because without them, this Foundation would be nothing. We were started by “thoughtful, committed citizens,” and we continue to push our mission forward through an ever-increasing number of those citizens.

So to all of you out there supporting this cause and this Foundation’s mission of hope, we love you and your beautiful vision for what this world will look like without hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. THANK YOU!


San Jose Mission Family Walks in Memory of their Little Boy

April 23, 2013

Amy Hiett was pregnant with her fourth little boy when her world became forever changed.  She first had signs that something might be amiss at 26 weeks.  She went to the ER with headaches and vomiting and pain on her right side. Her labs came back ok, however, so she was sent home with what everyone thought was the stomach flu.

At her 30 weeks doctor appointment, after taking her blood pressure, her doctor immediately laid her on her side and said, “We need to get your BP down and your urine is +2. You will be on bed rest from here on out, and I need to prepare you for having a preemie because you will not make it to the end.”

As many other moms can attest to, bedrest when you have a child already at home is tough, when you have three kids at home, even harder.  But, Amy and her husband did the best they could to keep Amy rested and their baby well cared for.

At 34 weeks, on a Thursday, she went in for her weekly checkup.  She felt awful, but the doctor said her baby looked good.  He told her to be ready though, that they would deliver next week. Just five days later, at 35 weeks, she went in and told the doctor she was anxious and had insomnia because she was consumed with the thought of her baby dying.

Her doctor pulled out the Doppler and, sadly, found no heartbeat.  They then went into the ultrasound room.  Amy reclined in the chair and says she had “the most horrible feeling.” The next thing Amy heard was, “I’m so sorry, your baby is dead.”

Amy was sent to the hospital where her BP spiraled out of control, her head pounded and the pain on her right side had returned again. She was given three different BP meds and put on a mag drip, but her BP was still 197/107.  Amy was fading in and out, but remembers hearing her husband tell the doctor, “I can’t lose my wife too!”

She was taken in for a c-section and Amy recalls, “My headache went away on the table, and I looked over and there was our sweet still baby and my teary eyed husband.”

The next few months would be a blur of a funeral, confusion, slow speech, headaches, swelling and fear of leaving the house. After just over a year, Amy’s health problems are mostly gone, but the grief and fear, she says, “they creep in like ships in the night.”

Amy, her husband and their three other boys will be at the San Jose Promise Walk for Preeclampsia to share their story and remember their sweet son and brother, Seeley Andrew Hiett who came into this world still at 3 ½ pounds and 15 ½ inches long.

You can join them by registering now at


Looking to HELLP Others in Richland Center

April 10, 2013

Richland CoordinatorFirst time walk coordinator Kally Clary looks forward to a beautiful spring day when Richland Center, WI welcomes their first Promise Walk for Preeclampsia on May 11th.

Kally has learned a great deal about preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome since her own diagnosis in January 2012.  She was 38 weeks pregnant and was being induced for persistent labor pains.  When her physician pulled blood work they found she had HELLP syndrome and she was immediately sent to a larger hospital where they performed an emergency c-section.

Kally’s son, Carson, is a healthy, happy baby boy, but due to her condition, she was under anesthesia for the birth and missed hearing his first cries and her husband missed cutting the cord.  She came home from the hospital and scoured the blogs and websites.  She found so many similar voices echoing her own frustration at the lack of answers about why she had been so sick and the inability to determine what would happen in any future pregnancies.

It’s that dissatisfaction with current information that led her to commit to coordinating this year’s Promise Walk in Richland Center.  She hopes to raise awareness within her community and meet their fundraising goal of $5300.  She also hopes that this will assist the Preeclampsia Foundation with their mission to work toward finding a cause and a cure for preeclampsia.

The Richland Center walk will include speakers, food, children’s activities, and of course, the walk.  Participants may enter the stroller decorating contest and you might even be lucky enough to score sippy cup or bottle from local sponsor, Nuk.

To register for the walk on May 11th at Krouskop Park, go to